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With more than 34 years of serving Burbank, CA, our company philosophy has always been to provide excellent customer service. Our garage door services and prices will beat any discount warehouse store and exceed your expectations.

As a result of our customer satisfaction, much of our work comes from customer referrals throughout Burbank, CA. In addition, we provide quality service to numerous contractors. This profession is something that requires a deeper understanding and a constant skill development to provide safe and reliable garage door Installation.

Transform Your Home Or Business

Utilizing a delicate balance of performance and style, we can transform your home or business and take it to the next level. Standard white-sectioned garage doors provide minimal curb appeal and do nothing to increase the value of your space. However, an attractive and functional door system can benefit both homes and businesses. Call us today to learn how we can transform your home or business with a garage door system built for the needs of today's families. 310-782-9000
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Garage Door Installation - Burbank, CA

Are you considering replacing your existing garage door with a custom garage door? The most popular garage door is steel because they can be insulated and steel garage doors offer the broadest range of design, insulation, and pricing options. Here in Los Angeles, we are fortunate to have year-round clement weather, so purchasing and installing an insulated steel door isn’t usually a huge consideration.
  • The Modern Steel Collection™ is a favorite for instantly boosting curb appeal on mid-century and contemporary home styles, and are highly customizable to fit your home’s specific style.
  • The different designs combine both grooved and flush panel styles and can be constructed with long-panel windows at the top, square windows tiling the entire door, or any combination in-between.
  • Steel garage doors are available in three different layer options to help you choose a level of durability that best fits your needs.
  • To assist you in making an informed decision about your new replacement garage door, G & G Garage Door Co offers an in-home no-obligation consultation. Call 310-782-9000

Garage Door Maintenance

If your garage door has fallen into disrepair, many times, it is due to a lack of regular maintenance. However, your garage door problems may be due to an accident with your car. When your garage door isn’t operating as it should, your family’s safety, and your valuable time, can be at stake. The cost of annual garage door maintenance is minimal when compared to the cost of a new garage door install, and keeping a regular maintenance schedule can help you to avoid costly damaged garage door downtime.

  • Residential garage doors are made up of hundreds of moving parts. And, although you may not know it, your garage door is very heavy. The torsion springs at the top of your garage door enable the door to raise and lower, seemingly with ease.
  • The door cables, springs, and drums, along with the garage door opener all work in tandem to ensure your door operates as it should. Should any one component fail, the entire door system may quit working altogether.
  • Bent garage door tracks are one of the most common garage door repair problems we encounter. With real estate at a premium, it’s understandable that most people not only use their garage for parking their vehicles, but also for storage. Therefore rakes, brooms, and even workout equipment always seem to be the culprit that causes a garage door track to bend.

Garage Door Openers

Choosing the right garage door opener for your home or business is important for a variety of reasons. You may have a heavy garage door which requires a stronger motor to open your door, or your garage door may be near living space, requiring a quiet operation opener. Whatever your needs, you’ve come to the right place. G & G Garage Door Co. is committed to helping you get the garage door opener that suits your home.
  • Standard openers employ a motor that drives a trolley, also known as a carriage, along a rail to raise and lower your garage door. However, the opener drive systems and their capacities and features vary from opener to opener.
  • A garage door opener equipped with home-automation system connectivity will give you the ability to control your opener remotely. There’s Smart-device compatibility, which provides you the option of controlling your opener from your smartphone. And, even a battery backup system, so that you’re still able to operate the opener during a power outage.
  • When you call G & G Garage Door Co. for a no-obligation in-home estimate, we will listen to your concerns and assess your needs to help you choose the right opener for your specific situation. 310-782-9000